Take Care Paper Works for You, Help You Grow Business!

 Our bookkeeping services deal following things for you:

  • Record business transactions of income and expenses regularly - monthly, quarterly or annually;

  • Prepare and file HST Returns to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when needed;

  • Deal with payrolls such as net pays, deductions, remittances, WSIB returns, ROE forms;

  • Prepare and file T4 / T5 slips, summaries at year-end;

  • Prepare financial statements for your business at year-end;

  • Reply to the inquiries by CRA, banks, and other third parties regarding your business financial statements if needed;

  • Help you get ride of worries about past due returns and late pay penalties.

  • We are here to take the bookkeeping burdens from you, so you can focus your time and energy on your business.

  • We are experts in QuickBooks (ProAdvisor), Excel and Simply Accounting.

  • Also we apply tax saving strategies for you, you always enjoy maximum tax saving benefits and pay minimum tax if you need ... what a relief and relaxation for you!



             These are how we can help you: 

  • Design and maintain a computer bookkeeping system to meet your unique needs, and train you to use the system if you like;
  • Organize and record your bills, receipts, invoices, statements and other business documents, in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Canada, promptly on a regular basis;
  • Administrate payroll functions including gross pay, net pay, deductions of CPP, EI and Income Tax, remittance, record of employment (ROE), T slips and year-end reports;
  • File GST/HST returns based on Canada Revenue Agency's requirements upon your business;
  • Reconcile book records with your bank statements;
  • Perform year-end full checks and do necessary adjusting entries to make sure your bookkeeping results are completed and correct; and
  • Prepare business statements, such as expense statement, profit or loss report, balance sheet, cashflow projection, at anytime you need.
  • The statements are ready for filing tax returns, refinancing your business, and for you to make informed business decisions.