During the Covid-19 prevention period, our services continue as usual. We continue to provide the reliable accounting services you have come to trust during the unprecedented time. With the recommendations of social distancing by Public Health Agency of Canada, we work behind the scenes electronically or open door to clients for whom the Internet communication is not a ready option. Please following the procedures when use our services during this period of time:

  1. Call :705-749-9288 or email : sli@bellnet.ca before you come;
  2. Put all your related documents for your tax return into an envelope;
  3. Write your name, contact phone number and email address on the envelope;
  4. Drop off the envelope in the mail box outside of our office or leave it on the front desk of our office, which will be processed promptly;
  5. After your return is prepared, we tell you to come and sign your return and make payment;
  6. Then your return is eFiled to CRA once signature and payment of our service fee are made.

Together we will overcome the difficulty and return back to our normal life soon.