Handle Your Business Paperworks; Maximize Your Tax Benefits

Our Commitment

You can trust us to handle your business needs and personal tax matters with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The final results will be accurate, prompt, and most beneficial to you under the business and tax rules. You can expect us to treat you with great understanding, honest and respect.


"Oh, what a relief to have all of this mess cleaned up." -- Susan, Peterborough

"I just cannot believe I would get so  much refunds, I should have talked to you guys long time ago " -- Joe, Havelock

"I am so glad all the overdue returns for eight years are done and CRA will not bother me any more. The best thing is, I am going to receive huge benefits payments" - Dave, Peterborough

We Do Two Things:

Bookkeeping and Income Tax Filing

We Work Hard to Maximize Your Tax Benefits

We take care of all business paper works for you. Based on receipts and statements from you, we record  business transactions of income and expenses, calculate and file HST returns, handle payrolls and WSIB, prepare year-end T slips, complete business financial statements, and more.

You can trust us to take the burden of paper works from you, so you can focus on your business. By the end our bookkeeping results are completely ready to be used for filing your income tax returns, financing your business, and helping you make informed business decisions.  

Also, we prepare and file income tax returns for current and previous years.  We provide tax return services to corporations, business owners, landlords,  individuals, new immigrants and international students.

Our mission is to  maximize your tax benefits and minimize your tax liabilities lawfully, and our bookkeeping services are carried out with this mission in mind from very beginning.

Located in the downtown Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and consisted of certified and experienced bookkeepers and tax consultants, Wensten Accounting Inc. has been providing the bookkeeping and income tax filing  services since 1998.

We regularly publish papers in magazines to help people understand the constantly changing income tax rules and the importance of a good bookkeeping practice..

We believe in the spirit of volunteerism. We provide free informative income tax workshops in New Canadian Centre, Trent University, Fleming College,  and other community institutions; We actively participate in community volunteering tax filing programs and fundraising activities.

We understand that the satisfaction and success of our clients is our lifeline, we do our best to help our clients to realize their dream of success.

We not only provide income tax and bookkeeping services  for the current year, we also help you prepare and file any past due  returns for previous  years. Our service is reliable and prompt.

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